Future Engineering offers clients the best Infrastructure engineering solutions that are cost effective to construct, operate and maintain. We believe it's critical that facility, systems and road designs integrate well with the environment in which they will exist long-term. Our Building Services Group consists of a diversified team of professional engineers who perform design engineering services for new and existing buildings. Future Engineering engineering design and expertise is interrelated with that of the architectural discipline through all phases of the project, assuring efficient coordination and integration of services, as well as the best overall solutions to design challenges.

The engineering team initially assigned to the project will execute the project through all phases, including post construction, assuring continuity and high-quality engineering.

To complete the full range of engineering services, the staff draws on highly specialized individuals and resources on a firm wide basis. The group has extensive experience in the analysis and design of all building mechanical and electrical systems as well as site planning and improvement, including all utility systems. This experience extends from the simplest to the largest and most complex building systems.

The Building Services Group has, among others, developed solar heating and cooling for new and existing facilities, modeled energy consumption patterns, forecast probable operating costs, and developed energy recovery systems. It has also completed numerous energy conservation studies for private businesses, public institutions, and governmental bodies, and is actively involved in the analysis and adoption of energy conservation building regulations.

Future Engineering provides a complete HVAC design for various project types,. By employing the most up-to-date engineering developments in the field and utilizing stringent energy conserving methods, Future Engineering is able to create a most comfortable interior building environment.

Future Engineering provides Water Supply, Sanitary Drainage, and Fire Protection systems design for various project types,. Future Engineering employing most recent engineering methods and pays particular concern to Public Health and Life Safety of the facility users.

Future Engineering mechanical engineering team has undertaken hundreds of projects, small and large. Today, the team is providing clients not only technical expertise but feasible and up-to-date solutions that meet their needs. Our qualified and well-trained engineers recognize the individuality of each client's requirements, and practical solutions are tailored to provide the client with cost-effective systems.
The engineers of our Mechanical Department strongly believe in their responsibility to provide sustainable design solutions which produce healthy buildings, avoid useless energy consumption and the depletion of natural resources, generate less waste, and are within the client's budget.
Our commitment to sustainability has been an integral part of our design philosophy and has been conveyed as a cultural transfer to our clients.
We are taking these core values to the next level of implementation through the use of renewable energy source, water conservation measures, energy efficient systems and indoor air quality improvements.
Highly professional standard of service is provided by our professionals in the following domains:
*Direct Expansion (DX) and Packaged Air Conditioning Systems-Centralized Chilled Water
*Air conditioning Systems-Zone smoke Control Systems
*Thermal Energy Storage Systems-Laboratory Fume Handling and Containment Systems
*Hospital Medical Systems including HVAC infection control
*Mechanical services for industrial applications, including workshops for military, rail  transits and food industries
*Water Supply and Drainage Systems-Firefighting Systems-Pumping Stations
*Power Generation Plants-Boiler and Fuel Plants
*Process Cooling Plants-Noise Control Analysis-Compressed Air Systems-Life Cycle Cost
*Analysis and Pay back

Future Engineering engineers recognize that innovative and efficient engineering systems are a crucial aspect of any successful design project. Because of the high-tech nature and complexity of many of Future Engineering projects, engineering systems design takes on an especially high level of significance in our integrated design approach. At Future Engineering, we have in-house the technical expertise — over a wide range of engineering disciplines — to foster our interactive, holistic design approach. This process, unique to Future Engineering, works to optimize system performance while simultaneously maximizing value on every project we undertake.

Our multi-discipline, team approach has greatly influenced our ability to produce truly integrated design solutions that effectively speak to the culture and project objectives of the clients, for whom these solutions are ultimately created.