Supervision of construction works in accordance with the established Future Engineering QA/QC procedures manual including rigorous monitoring of construction activities and enforcement of safety through suitably qualified and experienced site engineers from various disciplines.

Construction Supervision is necessary to: ensure the works are constructed in accordance with the design and specification, safeguard the quality of construction, oversee the safety of the works, and when required, to provide a cost-monitoring service to the client.  The role varies depending on the contract e.g. re-measure, Design & Build (D&B), Design, Build, Finance & Operate (DBFO), and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and whether our client is the Employer or the Contractor.  

Where our client is the Employer Future Engineering is engaged to administer all aspects of the contract in force between him and the contractor.  Where our client is the Contractor, Future Engineering will undertake an auditing role to ensure compliance with the design.  The range of services offered is tailored to match the scope of works and the client’s requirements.
They may include:

·         * Provision on site of a: Resident Engineer, Employer’s Site Representative or Designer’s Site,   * Representative augmented by other engineering and environmental staff as necessary
·         * Auditing the Contractor’s construction for compliance with the design and/or specification
·         * Limited modification of the design
·         * Quality and Environment Management   
·         * Construction Design Management (CDM) statutory compliance
·         * Technical inspection of materials and workmanship
·         * Monitoring of contractor’s planning, programme and progress
·         * Advice to the Employer on matters of contract, payment and liability
·         * Reporting and As-Built records
·         * Maintenance and Defect Period Monitoring

The supervision role may also include acting as the Designer and/or the Engineer and frequently this requires Future Engineering to have in place additional office-based resources to support the site team. 

The global structure of  Future Engineering enables us to offer the most appropriate and cost-effective team for supervising infrastructure projects.  Regardless of geographic location, language or culture we can place specialist international staff or local experts on short or long-term assignment.