The Future Engineering-Infrastructure Construction Management (CM) Division provides project / construction management and site supervision consultancy services.

Future Engineering -Infrastructure's CM goals are to ensure projects are completed within scope; on time; with the highest quality and within budget. Future Engineering -Infrastructure takes these four objectives very seriously and employs proven professional CM methods to ensure that its constructability reviews, project development, construction supervision, construction management and O&M activities for all capital work under its responsibility are performed to high standards of engineering excellence and conforms with all applicable plans, specifications, rules, standards and regulations.

Future Engineering -Infrastructure is also convinced of the many benefits to our Clients from the interaction of construction expertise and design. This interaction has proven beneficial in improving the contracting strategy; adapting design packages to fit a subcontracting plan and to meet construction needs; constructability and overall project schedule amalgamation (design, procurement and construction.)

As construction managers we feel our knowledge should be provided in the early phases of the project, where the most noteworthy savings can be realized.

Future Engineering -Infrastructure CM provides qualified, trained individuals to manage the following construction activities:

Time Management:
 Future Engineering -Infrastructure CM monitors Contractor's work to ensure progress is according to the approved    schedule; continually evaluating resources, materials, and equipment on site and bring any points of concern to attention, in advance of their impact on the work progress.

Cost/Claim Control:
Future Engineering -Infrastructure CM reviews BOQ documents, Specifications and Design Drawings for each Contractor claim in detail for appropriateness. The Future Engineering -Infrastructure team utilizes analytical methods and procedures for monitoring, analyzing, forecasting, and most importantly, controlling the costs on a construction project. Future Engineering -Infrastructure enforces the Contract Documents and requires the Contractor to fulfill his responsibilities.

Health & Safety:
Future Engineering -Infrastructure CM monitors the measures taken by the Contractor and initiates rectification when not in compliance with the specification and standard safety procedures outlined in the approved Safety Plan. Each Future Engineering -Infrastructure Resident Engineer has overall responsibility for establishing a commitment to safety and for assuring the project safety program is implemented.

Effective Communication:
Future Engineering -Infrastructure CM promotes effective communication between all the parties involved for the purpose of exchanging information  and resolution of issues before they become problems. The early anticipation and resolution of obstacles in the construction process is a key role Future Engineering -Infrastructure provides.

CM Procedures and Guidelines:
Future Engineering -Infrastructure professional construction management operations are based on proved procedures and guidelines. There are common to all our projects. Each project will be varied in nature and complexity but the foundation for proven Construction Management applies.

Future Engineering -Infrastructure CM has an experienced group of core CM staff. Our core technical staff is trained from expat universities and most have professional registrations and all have well-rounded CM and site supervision expertise and experience. We also utilize a qualified mix of locally trained staff with  the experience needed specific to the task in hand.

Future Engineering -Infrastructure has a large CM organizational structure, that services a number of large-scale projects concurrently. Our project portfolio includes work that requires larger, more complex and effective organizational structure with a strong core staff component. Future Engineering Infra CM develops organizational teams drawing upon our proven experience.