As consultants, we help our clients make better decisions about how they support their people, position their businesses and manage their assets. We connect strategy with implementation and deliver successful, idea-driven solutions that are both realistic and actionable. Whatever the size of the organization, we provide the tools needed to enable future change.

Our consultants address real estate and facilities, the workplace, information solutions and business strategy—with the objective of improving organizational performance. Our services include strategic planning, real estate and portfolio analysis, repositioning/relocation analysis, change management and data management.

Financial Consultancy

We evaluates proposed project requirements and engineers the financial solution for the subject project. Qualified analysts fully analyze the risk and reward ratios and market appropriate arrangements to mitigate risks to acceptable levels with potential investors and review available guarantees. Structure the financial arrangements and issuance of the credit facilities will be based of due diligence and credit risk assessment outcome of the project and the credentials of the owners and investors as well as and on insurance arrangements.