Before the start of any new or retrofit critical facility construction, it is crucial to determine whether a balance can be found between the needs of the owner's business, the economics of the project and the physical characteristics of the planned construction. Future Engineering unique combination of skill sets and experiences -as owner, engineer, constructor and integrator - allows them to provide an intelligent, objective study of the proposed project's overall feasibility, resulting in a final determination of whether prudent capital can be applied to meet the performance requirements of the business.

Future Engineering can undertake feasibility studies for sites : 
* Establish site area and boundaries. 
* Site analyses and context, including day lighting and solar
    access of a site. 
* Likelihood of environmental hazards and development risks.
* Ownership and development control issues.
* Outline feasibility studies for accommodation and site context. 
* The feasibility studies are undertaken using a combination of site visits, desk top research,          design studies and modeling.