The application of Value Engineering principles on projects and products can provide effective solutions and alternatives that frequently afford savings ranging from 5 % to 20 % of the overall cost of the product or project. This is accomplished by eliminating extra costs that do not serve the required function or purpose
Value Engineering is not a random cost reducing method. Some confuse cost reduction based on cancellation of part of the works, which disrupts the basic factions of the project, with Value Engineering- Value Analysis- Value Management, which is characterized by application of a global view, creative thinking and group work.

Among the many benefits achieved through the application of Value Engineering principles are:
* The efficient use of resources.
* Presenting concepts, alternatives and analysis in a scientific
* Controlling costs at various project stages.
* Setting objectives and requirements, and distinguishing needs
   from wishes.
* Improving quality and reduction of costs.
* Putting limitations on design basics and safety factors.
* Concentrating on total costs instead of initial costs.
* Presenting distinguished services in the Value Engineering field.

At Future Engineering , with all aspects of our work, we employ a process of value engineering to ensure design, specification and implementation of every project is the best we can make it.

We focus on three specific areas:
1- Value Discovery.
2- Value Realization.
3- Value Optimization.

Naturally different projects have a different emphasis on the most important aspect. Once we have established our clients requirements, we can produce a proposal using these principals to best satisfy the requirement

Future Engineering  offers to its clients the best value engineering services which includes:
A - Value Engineering studies for projects with: 
* Simplification of process and operations for products. 
* Developing new production alternatives.

B- Promoting awareness of Value Engineering:

* Assisting public and private firms to establish value engineering programs to improve and develop      its resources and project in order to be competitive locally and internationally.
* Organizing training lectures, workshops, and meetings to promote value engineering awareness          among public and private entities.
* Establish and facilitate Value Improvement procedures.
* Providing Value Engineering professional training and certification.